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Constitution of the Great Barrier Island History Research Group Inc.


1  NAME   Great Barrier Island History Research Group Incorporated

2  REGISTERED OFFICE   25 Mulberry Grove Rd, Tryphena, Great Barrier Island, Auckland 0991.

3.1  To produce publications about the history of Great Barrier Island.
3.2  To engage in any activities, if the majority of the group agrees, that helps to identify or recall historical events in the area.
3.3  To record the oral history of any person the group considers suitable.
3.4  To hold workshops and public meetings to benefit researchers and members in their endeavour to find or produce information for projects of the group.
3.5  To promote the projects and activities of the group using whatever means appropriate to our best advantage.
3.6  To raise funds for the benefit of projects by such means as adopted by the majority of the committee and to accept contributions, collections, donations, legacies, devices, gifts, grants and subsidies.

4.1  The seal shall consist of a stamp having upon it the words “Great Barrier Island History Research Group Inc.”
4.2  Whenever the common seal of the Group is required to be affixed to any deed or document, it shall be affixed, after a resolution is passed by the committee of the Group at an ordinary meeting. The deed or document shall be signed by two committee members, with one being the Co-ordinator, Secretary or Treasurer.
4.3  The common seal shall be held by the Secretary

Further to the stated objectives, the Group may exercise any or all of the following powers
5.1  To apply for funding for projects to any organisation necessary.
5.2  To invest monies held by the Group, which are not, for the moment, required to meet immediate financial commitments
5.3  To seek advice, legal or otherwise, whenever necessary regarding such issues as copyright and ISBN registration of any publication and any other matters where advice is needed
5.4  To do all things which are deemed necessary, convenient, incidental to carrying out of any or all of the objectives of the Group

6.1  Membership shall be open to all people interested in or supporting the activities and projects of the Group and who are accepted as members by the committee and have paid the relevant subscription
6.2  Any member may be removed from membership with a two-thirds majority vote at an ordinary committee meeting, after that member has been given a fair hearing

Members shall have the right to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Extra-ordinary meetings. They also have the right to speak, propose motions and vote at those meetings

Membership automatically ceases if the subscription fee is not paid 90 days after the due date specified or at the discretion of the Executive Committee

The membership fee is $20.00. The subscription will be reviewed at the following AGM

10.1  The AGM shall be held at a time and place determined by the committee
10.2  Public advertising shall be made and all members notified not less than fourteen days prior by mail or telephone or email.
10.3  The AGM shall normally be held within three months of the end of the financial year
10.4  The financial year of the Group shall be from 1 July to 30 June
10.5  At the AGM an Annual Report shall be made by the Co-ordinator and a Statement of Accounts, duly reviewed, shall be presented by the Treasurer. A committee and office bearers will also be elected by majority vote.

10.6  The committee may arrange for any resolutions or business to be transacted as they see fit
10.7 The Co-ordinator shall conduct the meeting and their decision on matters of procedure shall be final After the election of the Co-ordinator the new Co-ordinator shall take the chair.

11.1  An Extra-ordinary meeting of the Group may be convened at any time by the Co-ordinator on the decision of a majority of the committee or at the request of at least 50% of financial members
11.2  Public advertising of the meeting shall be made at least 14 days prior to the meeting

12.1  The office bearers of the Group shall be elected annually from the committee at the AGM; Namely, Co-ordinator, Secretary, Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer may be the same person.
12.2  The authorised signatories on the bank account shall be any two of the Co-ordinator, Secretary, Treasurer. Where the position of Secretary & Treasurer are held by the same person, a third person shall be elected from the committee.
12.3  The committee shall consist of no less than six members of the Group. If a committee member resigns during the year a suitable person shall be co-opted into the committee upon a majority decision of the rest of the committee.
12.4  When an office bearer of the Group resigns during the year, he or she may be replaced at an ordinary meeting of the committee with a majority vote. Such persons shall hold that position until the next AGM.

12.5  The Co-ordinator shall normally take the chair at all the committee and group meetings. If absent the Co-ordinator shall nominate another committee member to take the chair or the committee shall elect a committee member to take the chair in the Co-ordinators absence.
12.6  The Secretary shall take minutes of the proceedings at all meetings.
12.7   The Secretary shall nominate another person to take the minutes in his or her absence or the committee shall elect another person from the committee to take the minutes.
12.8  The Treasurer shall keep proper and accurate books of accounts The Treasurer shall prepare and present a Statement of Accounts at the AGM.
12.9  The Treasurer shall arrange for an independent person with suitable knowledge and experience to view the accounts for accuracy prior to the AGM.
12.10  A copy of the annual statement of accounts is to be lodged annually with the Companies office.

13.1  The committee shall have the power to conduct the business of the Group.
13.2  A business meeting shall be called when ever deemed necessary by the committee with a minimum of four per financial year.
13.3  The committee shall conduct what ever business is necessary to fulfil the objectives of the Group within the constraints of the constitution.

All office bearers arid committee members shall be indemnified by GBIHRG Inc., from and against all losses and expenses properly incurred by them in and about the discharge of their respective duties.

15.1  The quorum for an ordinary committee meeting shall be five committee members including two office bearers.
15.2  The quorum for the AGM and Extra-ordinary meeting shall be 30% of financial members including at least two office bearers and two other committee members.
15.3 Voting will be by voice, a show of hands or secret ballot at the discretion of the Chairperson.


16.1 Alterations to or rescinding of the rules can only be made at an AGM or Extra-ordinary meeting with at least a two-thirds majority of those members present
16 2 Such alternations or rule rescissions shall be tabled at a business meeting at least one month prior to the AGM or E-OM. Members are to be notified that changes to the constitution will be voted on at the AGM or E-OM. A copy of the proposed changes is to be available for members to peruse
16.3  The Secretary shall register the amended constitution with the Companies Office. The amended rules shall take effect when passed.

In the event of the decision to wind the Group up, the surplus assets, after payment of liabilities and expenses of winding up, shall be paid to such charitable organisation(s) as the majority of the committee shall approve. The resolution to wind up shall be confirmed at a subsequent meeting held not less than 30 days after the first meeting.