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Oral History

One of the main functions of the society is to record the oral histories of identities associated with Great Barrier Island. To that end we have high quality recording equipment recommended by NOHANZ, or the National Oral History Association of New Zealand. NOHANZ is also the source of much helpful advice and knowledge which is assisting us to carry out oral history interviews and recordings according to 'best practice'.
We now own our own recorder.
As at 25th March, 2011, we have 3 oral histories recorded. They are:
Fred Medland - 37 minutes
Bob Whitmore - 1 hour and 37 minutes.
Joan Fergus - 
The first one was done on 12th November, 2010, and was used to get all the systems up to speed. Things should speed up from here on.
We use a program called 'Audacity' to edit the recordings, ie getting rid of long pauses, throat-clearing etc, and transform the finished recording to MP3 format ready for downloading onto a CD or DVD.
The link to NOHANZ is here.
We are aware of existing oral history interviews recorded in the past, always on tape. We will find as many of these recordings as possible, and re-record them digitally, as well as try and clean them up. If anybody has information of interviews, no matter how old, or how bad the quality is, we would like to hear from you.
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